Redesigning KAYAK


Redesigning Kayak


The Goal

To give personality and life to all of KAYAK’s platforms while retaining the functionality of the previous site.  


Step 1. We asked a ton of questions.

Teasing out information from the CEO, CTO and product managers.

What needs to change? What should be kept from the current site? 

Creating moodboards - visually representing ideas so that the design team could hone in on what was liked.

Competitive research- where is our industry right now and what are our competitors doing right? What are they doing wrong? 

Non-competitive research- which sites give us joy? Which sites stick out? What are apps and sites doing well?



Step 2. Diving into home screen designs.

I was part of the product team and we got to defining the style that worked across all platforms.

Functionality needed to remain relatively the same with overhauls only happening in certain cases.

We dove in with the front doors of the app. 

This allowed us to define text styles, button styles, search forms, icons and some transitions.

It also allowed us to quickly get mocks in front of those with approval power.