KAYAK Refresh


KAYAK Refresh

My Role

Strategy, Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Motion and UI

The Goal

To give personality and life to all of KAYAK’s platforms while retaining the functionality of the previous site.  

We asked a ton of questions.

The team and I reached out to the all the heavy hitters at the company to make sure our goals aligned and to readjust if they didn’t. After making sure that our objectives were the same, the team did extensive internal research and external competitive research to feel out the marketplace. In addition to checking out direct competitors, the designers and I looked at any app or website that gave us joy to see what elements make for a complete user experience. Moodboards were created off of the research to solidify our goals.


How did we start tackling this?

By diving straight into the home screen of the iOS app, we were able to define text styles, color, layout, interactions and motion. It also allowed us to get rapid prototypes in front of the right people quickly and easily. 



Translating to desktop

Once the team had a mobile version that the CEO, CTO and product managers agreed upon, we started creating compatible desktop elements.