KAYAK Watchlist


KAYAK Watchlist

My Role

Strategy, Research, UX, Wireframing, Prototyping, and UI

The Goal

To create the same saving process for results and searches across all devices. 

The previous system

Saving items on a site should be easy and intuitive. KAYAK's old system varied in user experience and visuals across platforms. For example, if a user saved an item on desktop, the process for saving that exact same item on iOS, Android or mobile web would be completely different. 



Research and development

One other designer, a project manager and I started researching the inconsistencies across platforms. We then researched other sites' saving flows, created UX wireframes and tested simple prototypes.  Based off of our research, we created an intuitive system for the user that had the same feel across devices. We wanted the process of saving and then finding saved items to be intuitive and easy.